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LRV is the total quantity of visible light reflected by a surface at all wavelengths and directions when illuminated by a light source.

Visual contrast is the perception of a difference between one element of a building and another by reference to their light reflectance values.

Differences in LRV should be used to assess the degree of visual contrast between surfaces such as floors, walls doors and ceilings between key fittings/fixtures and surrounding surfaces.

The LRV scale runs from 0, which is a perfectly absorbing surface that could be assumed to be totally black, up to 100, which is a perfectly reflective surface that could be considered to be the perfect white.

Because of practical influences in any application, black is always greater than 0 and white never equals 100. The evidence based research available to date allows a degree of variability concerning the minimum LRV difference that is required to provide adequate visual contrast to people who are visually impaired.

While there is considerable confidence in recommending a difference in LRV of 30 points or more, there is also much anecdotal evidence to suggest that a difference of around 20 points may still be acceptable.  Differences less than about 20 points may not give adequate contrast.

Please Note:  Veneer is a natural material and variations in shade and colour may occur over time.